Thursday 18 January 2024

2024 off to a standing start!

 The final total for 2023 was 442 quilts donated in Leicestershire!  That is actually three more than last year - I love a record breaker!  Thank you to everyone who made quilts or donated fabric etc.  So many generous people come together to make the world a better place! 

So now to 2024.  I had quite a pile of small quilts which are needed by ADAPT, a charity based in Hinckley which works with prem babies and their families, so I went over to their headquarters to deliver them. There were actually 59 quilts in these bags, but some of them were only about 18” so didn’t take up much room! 

Sue was very grateful for the quilts, which are very popular.  She chose one with cute designs on it.

It’s a great way to kick off 2024! 

Thursday 14 December 2023

Last donation of 2023?

 I had quite a few quilts in my cupboard (including 30 beauties brought to Knit and Stitch in December!) and I decided to try and spread the love and the hugs.  Since Lutterworth Foodbank are in touch with needy families, I thought I might contact other local food banks.  I tried Market Harborough, but apparently they don’t have any storage, so couldn’t accept any.  Then I messaged Hinckley, and the lovely Pat was straight back, saying they would love some for some of their clients (especially those in fuel poverty, where the quilts could be both a hug and a source of warmth).  She also has contacts in the Salvation Army, where they would use the quilts as Christmas presents.  Fabulous! She was also willing to come over to Lutterworth on her way home and pick them up! 

She was a bit concerned when I wanted her to pose for a photo, as she felt she didn’t look her best.  She looks great to me!  It was lovely to meet her, and know that 40 quilts are going to local children. 

Friday 1 December 2023

How time flies!

 I can’t believe that I haven’t posted for so long!  The quilts have been coming in and going out, as usual. 

Ward 27 of the LRI had 50 quilts, which is so lovely. One of the nurses commented that the quilts would brighten up the ward, to which another pointed out that they don’t stay on the ward but go home with the recipients.  She went on to say that some of the children come back into hospital again, “and they bring their quilts with them, so they know they’re in a safe place!”  

Here we are in their sensory area.  
In November I contacted Women’s Aid, who were keen to have some quilts for the children in their refuges. I went over to Aldi in Leicester as a handover point, and a lovely lady collected the quilts. She wanted to stay incognito, but was happy to choose a quilt to display. 

Recently I have had requests from Jay Fostering (20 quilts) and the Lutterworth Foodbank (20 quilts) so my stock is pleasantly low ish.  So far this year the total is 398, which is an amazing number, and we have all of December to go! 

Wednesday 12 July 2023

More donations

 I can hardly believe it myself, but more quilts have gone out!  After donating 60 last week, I was a bit concerned when Helenka asked for quilts for fostered children.  I had a few quilts left, but not many.  However, after visits from Lynda, and Janet of Desford Helpful Hands, plus ones I collected from Rocheberie Schoolhouse Quilters I managed to put 45 quilts together.  Helenka was delighted. 

She has been from Hinckley to collect quilts several times - it was lovely to see her again.  I have a special place in my heart for Looked After Children, and salute her dedication in trying to bring some comfort to them.  

Tuesday 4 July 2023

Fun at the Leicester Royal Infirmary

 As local residents will know, getting into the car park at the LRI is always a stressful experience.  Today was no exception.  We queued all the way along Havelock Street for nearly half an hour before we got to park the car.  Luckily I quickly found a cage and loaded 60 quilts into it, ready to take up to Ward 10.  Pip and all the staff were delighted to see me, and unusually, lots of them were willing to appear in the picture. 

Pip is in the middle, peeping over the top of a quilt.  She’s such a diva - in the first photo she had her eyes closed, so we had to take another!  Faye, who took the photo, made us all say ‘blankets’ instead of cheese.  

Then things went awry.  I decided to take the stairs down rather than the lift, and when I reached the ground floor, I was a bit disorientated and got lost!  When I reached the car park pay machine, it was on the blink and so I had to ring for help.  Annoying.  Then when I reached the barrier I had to ring for help again!  Doubly annoying!  Never mind, that is 60 children who will get a lovely surprise.  All worth it! 

Thursday 13 April 2023

Lots of hugs going off!

 I have been remiss about posting but not about quilting!  The quilts have been coming in, and going out!  First delivery of this year was to ward 27 of the LRI, where Chandni was delighted to receive 50 quilts. 

They are still wearing masks on the ward, which is fine with me.

Then I contacted Asha who delivers quilts to Health Clinics In Saffron Lane and Highfields.  She used to work there, but although she has moved on to higher tasks, still makes time to bring some extra comfort to disadvantaged youngsters.  Incidentally, she has been invited to go to the coronation, so look out for her when you watch it on the tele! 

Here we are in my lounge with a randomly selected quilt.  Luckily she was on leave so we were able to have a cuppa and a proper catchup!  Such lovely people you meet when you’re a Linus coordinator! 

Sunday 22 January 2023

Crumb quilt workshop

 Our local quilt group, Lutterworth Piecemakers, were wanting a Saturday workshop.  Recently they haven’t had great attendance at workshops, so I offered to run one, and make it a fundraiser for Linus.  I decided to encourage people to use up their scraps and make crumb quilts. 

Here are my samples.  
In the end, so many people wanted to come to the day that we made a huge profit of over £300!  That will go well towards wadding and backing.  Madeline and Di very kindly ran a raffle, which was very well supported.  Thank you both of you. 

Here are all the participants, hard at work.  I don’t think anyone made a serious dent in their scrap bags, although Chris made fourteen 6.5” blocks in the day.  Great work!