Sunday, 4 March 2012

Bumper pile of donations

The pile of Linus quilts was getting rather large, so I rang Sue from ADAPT to see if she needed any more quilts. She was keen to take as many as I could give her, which was a total of 40 quilts! (There were actually more, but I had run out of labels!)

Here she is with a lovely gender-neutral quilt, which Paula made, as an example. (You can just see one of the piles of quilts on the settee behind her.) She said there were 1,600 premature babies born in Leicestershire last year, which means an awful lot of quilts! Have a look on ADAPT's website and see the work they do.

Mandy also took 5 quilts to the Looked After Children's Services in Kettering, but I forgot to take a photo. As you know, LAC are very close to my heart as they often don't have loving families, and I think they need a special hug which only a quilt can bring.