Friday, 26 February 2016

Quilting together!

I was delighted to be invited back to Shepshed, to Quilting Together, a lovely group of ladies who are prolific quilt makers and very innovative with orphans and scraps.  I was amazed to realise that I first visited them in 2009!  It certainly doesn't seem like that long!  I always take some fabric, and they are very good at taking it away and producing some amazing quilts from it.  

Here is the group busy at work when I arrived.  

Here they are sorting through the donated fabric in search of inspiration.  They must have found plenty, as here are the boxes I took home.

Just one and a half, as opposed to three bulging ones!  Hooray!  

And here are the quilts I took away with me - forty beauties!  Thank you so much ladies!  
I took photos of them all, but I'm going to be naughty and show my favourites here.  That doesn't mean that the other quilts weren't fabulous, because they were, but here is my selection. 

A quilt using just one block.  So beautifully framed and a master class in using panels. 

Another one block quilt.  Big borders are the answer! 

Two blocks.  The dark borders for the blocks really make them stand out beautifully as the focal points. 

Another two block quilt with a very different (but equally successful) approach.  

Jay was working on this one.  Great use of 2.5" squares.  Paula's filed that idea away for later.  

Another of Jay's using 2.5" squares.  Easy peasy! 

Ann took a whole bag of UFOs and put them together masterfully. 

Wow!  Lots going on here! 

And here!  

Mile a minute never fails to look lively and cheerful! 

And Jay was tempted out of her comfort zone with these squared blocks which were cut into quarters and rearranged.  Such talent! 

A great one for those who like trains, 

And one for those who like 'Frozen'!  
Thank you so much ladies for all your hard work.  I have just had a call from the LRI wanting more quilts for their poorly children, so these quilts will be delivering hugs next week!  Perfect!  See you in 2017!