Friday, 29 May 2015

Quilts to Cambridge

My daughter Gemma works for a charity in Cambridge which supports young people struggling with their sexuality.  She contacted her local Linus rep to see if there were any hugs to spare, to find there weren't!  Shame!  Luckily I had some, so I was able to deliver some today.  Here she is with a gorgeous quilt.

Having been involved with Linus for several years, and helped with fabric choices, layouts, label sewing and delivery, she was thrilled to be able to be on the other side of the counter (as it were) and be able to receive the love.  And here are some of the young people supported by Sexyouality, enjoying their hugs.

Interesting to see they have chosen a green quilt donated by Hazel, a scrappy windmill, a rail fence sashed in pink, and the red and black quilt which was made by members of Sew Sociable!  
Apparently they were really touched that " some old ladies" we're prepared to make such beautiful things especially for them!  Well, less of the "old ladies" thank you, and maybe we'll send some more!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Another visit from the fairies!

I just popped out earlier this evening to get some milk, when I found the fairies had payed me another visit!  Two carrier bags were outside the front door, one full of fabric (and very heavy) and the other with recent quilting magazines. 

There was a note on top of the large bag, but no identification! 

How kind of you, Good Fairy!  We will indeed appreciate using decent quantities of top quality fabrics, instead of using up scraps, which of course, are wonderful in their own way, but can be very frustrating when they are not quite big enough or the right shape for what you need them for! 

Here is the contents of the large bag.  Two jelly rolls (one with its background fabric and pattern), a huge fat quarter pack in blues and creams (ideal for boy quilts!), a quilt pack, some batik charm packs, some gorgeous animal novelty fabrics, plenty of cream fabrics (you can never have enough neutrals), some blue yardage, wool, an advent calendar, more fat quarters and decent cuts of fabric, some 2" squares and some batik blocks!  I will take all this to Knit and Stitch next week, and share it amongst the Linus ladies there.  They will be delighted, and put it all to very good use.  Thank you so much, Good Fairy, and a Merry Christmas to you too!

Monday, 4 May 2015

More quilts where they belong

Last week I was contacted by Asha, who works for the NHS Partnership, working with vulnerable children in the Saffron Lane area of Leicester, as they needed more quilts.  Had I got any they could have?  The answer was, of course!
She came round to my house on the way back from a training day and collected 30 quilts.  

Here she is with a gorgeous Scrappy Bargello quilt.  I hadn't met Asha before, but she remembered quilts coming in to her office and tracked me down.  I'm delighted that the quilts will all be finding good homes.  That leaves me with 'only' about 30 quilts left, but I'm sure there are plenty in the pipeline!