Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Big Textile Show

We were delighted to be invited to have a stand for Linus at The Big Textile Show this year.  We had such a good time last year, and were really looking forward to it.  This time the venue (Leicester Grammar School) was much bigger and more spacious so we were able to have two tables, and demonstrate as well as chat to people.  Here are Maria and me all set up.  Julie and Emily came too, which was great.  Thank you all for your support!  
The show was even bigger and better than last year, with the same lovely mix of quilting, weaving, knitting and art stalls.  There were also quite a few demonstrators and classes going on too.  Make sure you don't miss out next year!  

I took plenty of leaflets about Linus (we gave out about 50 last year), but although I had at least 100 this time, we ran out!  We also demonstrated this super windmill block, and ran out of instructions for that too!  In case you didn't manage to find out how to make this fabulously simple, yet effective block, here are the instructions.

One of the plus points about this block, is that there is only one match point, in the middle!  And when the blocks are joined, there is only one match point too!  Dig out your scraps and have a go!

You can try it on 10th October, as Roxanna of Hannah's Room in Coalville, is hosting a Linus Sewing Day from 9.30 am.  I will be there, so come and join in!  If you can bring your machine, that would be great, but come and see what's going on in any case.  See you then!

Saturday, 20 September 2014

September happenings

I was delighted to be contacted by Towanda from Leicestershire Social Services, to say could they have some quilts.  Of course, the answer is always 'yes!'  Poor man set off to collect them from me, but got a puncture - hope it wasn't anything to do with the local roads! - so we had to reschedule.  He was delighted to see the quilts (called them 'patchworks', bless him) and had already planned that some would go to Leicester, some to Hinckley and the rest to Loughborough.  Perfect.
Then came a Linus outing.  Paula, Julie, Maria and I went over to a meeting of Sew Sociable.  This new group meets in St Martins Café and Bar in Leicester and it's a free monthly event!  The café is well worth a visit if you're in Leicester as it has a lovely menu of food and drinks.  We were asked to talk about project Linus, and then do a simple sewing project.

We got there and bagged ourselves some sofas.  Here are Paula and Julie talking to Jenny from The Big Textile Show.  Just a reminder that the BTS will be happening 27th and 28th September at Leicester Grammar School.  It will be great, so don't miss out!  Rosie, the Morsbag queen, was there too, but I forgot to snap her.

here's a view across the bar, and the figure in the black and white dress is Julia, one of the organisers.  Apparently there was an applique challenge set at the last meeting, to be judged at this. 

You can see what a lovely venue this is, ideal for chatting and relaxing.

Here is a view of the applique challenge entries.  Roxanna of Hannah's room in Coalville was to judge them - rather her than me!  Rather a high standard, and such a variety of techniques.  Lovely.

People seemed to like my talk about Linus, and then they got going on the sewing.  It was a stitch and flip block using strips sewn onto Vilene, in reds, blacks and greys.  The idea was that since quite a few people were expected, it would be possible to get enough blocks for a quilt suitable for a teenager.  Everyone was up for it and beavered away. 

I was waiting for someone to sew their block to their clothes, but they were all too experienced needleworkers or didn't confess!

It was interesting to see how many young people there were (by young people, I mean anyone without grey hair, glasses or a stick!).  Perhaps the meeting being held in a bar was the deciding factor! 

This group included a young sewer - she must have been about 12.  Love it!

And there were 3 men!  We're nothing if not inclusive!

Here are some of the blocks which were made.  Julia said there were 70 people present, and we had a total of 72 finished blocks and 6 part blocks (which I have finished).  That is wonderful!  We had a lovely time, and wish the group well for the future.  Julia said that we might be invited back.  We'll look forward to it.