Saturday, 30 March 2013

Quilts have been flying out to hug children recently ('Thank goodness', says my husband!).  First I had Michela and Cheryl from Catch 22 who called round to pick up some quilts for vulnerable teenagers and teenage mums.  They particularly liked this strippy quilt which was made by Barwell U3A craft group.  Good choice! 
 Then it was off to meet Rosemary from the Diana Service for Children with Life-limiting Conditions at our usual spot outside Frankie and Benny's.  She had asked whether there was any chance of a Mickey Mouse quilt for a very poorly little boy who loves Mickey, and I was very happy to oblige!
Then some excitement, with quilting in a pub!  A new fringe theatre venue has opened in Leicester, at The Western pub, and when I saw a show called 'Patchwork Lives' was coming, I thought it could be a good opportunity to 'fly the flag'.  I asked the venue and company if they would allow it, and they were kind enough to not only allow it, but make us very welcome. 

We made ourselves at home and hung quilts from the picture rail (covering the pictures and signs!) and set to work.

Julie, Paula, Eileen and Maria made log cabin blocks (can you see the Blue Peter hanging over the dart board?!) Lesley was the ironer, and Muriel (only her left arm is in shot) made up our 'Easy Street' blocks. 
I just swanned about, played with the blocks and encouraged visitors and new quilters.  After a bite to eat, we stayed for the show.  We had a great time and are hoping to do it again sometime in the future. 

Friday, 8 March 2013

Busy time for Linus

At March's Knit and Stitch session we were joined by the lovely Sue from ADAPT, a charity which works with prem babies and their families, and here she is accepting a quilt.  She doesn't look particularly pleased there, but I can tell you, she certainly was!  Not only did she have that quilt, but 49 more (remember a lot of them were little prem quilts, so it was only three bags full!).  It was a good job she's got a big car, as there were lots of knitted items for her to take away too!
Look at all these knitted triangles, hats, cardigans, toys and gorgeous things to show people going through a tough time that they're not alone.  Fabulous!

We had a great turnout of quilters, who all beavered away.  No time for slacking when I'm in charge!

We even had to get out an extra table to accommodate Sue and Doreen - I love it!  Then three WI ladies arrived from Foxton, who were already knitting triangles, and wanted to set up a group like ours, where people can get together and make charity items.  They were very impressed at the variety and standard of the work, and were all fired up to get busy!  Sue and I agreed to go and talk to them about our group.  That should be fun.  Will we be eligible for a franchise fee?!

And this is what we've been working on for the last few months - Bonnie Hunter's 'Easy Street'.  Despite Maria's comment that she couldn't do it as it was too difficult for her (this was after she'd made all the components!) it went together like a dream.  We only need two more corners and a border and it's a finish!  Everyone loved the colours, and why wouldn't they when there's lime green involved!

We have more sewing days planned.  A new theatrical venue is opening in Leicester at The Western pub, and on 28th March there is a show called 'Patchwork Lives'.  We couldn't miss the opportunity to fly the flag, so will be sewing at the pub from 3.30, then having a bite to eat, then watching the show.  Please come and join us if you fancy it.  Look here for details.