Monday, 9 November 2015

Sewing in Coalville

Today Paula, Julie, Maria and I went over to 'Hannah's Room' in Coalville for a Linus sewing day.  With four people and four sewing machines in the car, plus fabrics, we were a bit snug, but my trusty Fiesta can cope with more than that, and did so, as on the way back we had three of my quilts which had been exhibited at Coalville plus four completed Linus quilts!  

Lovely Alison had brought her Sizzix cutter and happily cut tumblers from Linus fabric.  Here is Roxana doing what quilters do best and scrabbling around on the floor laying them out! 

Julie brought her Acuquilt and cut more dogs and cats etc. which Paula and I put together with 9-patches.  Gorgeous. 

Here you can see the dog + 9-patch quilt in the foreground with Maria and Julie beavering away behind a donated bag of scraps.  Julie was first in there to pull out some fabulous batik pinwheels and fabric to make more.  

Paula was 'nose to the grindstone as usual.  She told me off for talking as she was waiting for me to finish applique in the dogs before she could join them up!  Quite right too! 

Alison was sorting and cutting.  Check out that hoodie.  Father Christmas, please take note and make sure there is one like that in my stocking. Please. 

And here is a view of the whole proceedings.  Roxana's Mum Claire was making fleece backed prem quilts.  Cute.  We had a lovely day, with lots of laughter, chocolate biscuits and sewing.  Many thanks to Roxana for opening her shop specially and keeping us all well supplied with tea and coffee all day.  There will be another day on December 6th, so put it in your diary. 

Friday, 6 November 2015


Today Paula and I drove over to Bingham to meet Judy from Fostering Futures to give some more lovely quilts to children who are being Looked After.  It's always lovely to see Judy, and she brought the evidence of the crochet tuition Paula gave her when we last caught up.  She's definitely got the basics, but life has been a bit hectic for her recently, so the crocheted bedspread is yet to be finished (and started!). 

Here she is with her glamorous new hairstyle holding up one of the lovely quilts I fetched from Nether Broughton recently.  She took 30 quilts, which I'm sure will be used to brighten a foster child's day.  As we were leaving, she loaded a box into my car and said it was a bit of appreciation from the children's families.  I had a quick glance, and there were chocolate biscuits and other treats which we will all be able to share. 

How's that for a bit of appreciation!  We're having a sewing day in Coalville on Monday, so will certainly enjoy the sugar rush.  Then I looked further inside the box and there was more!

Pins, safety pins and twenty spools of Gutermann cotton thread!  How did they know that's my personally preferred thread?  That too will be shared out on Monday, and be put yo good use.  There was also an envelope which Judy had pointed out, which I was hoping contained cards from the children.  We always love reading thank you cards, and are very grateful for them.  It wasn't cards, just one card. 

One of Judy's beautiful hand painted card, a letter and a bag with some pictures of the queen in!  To say I was overwhelmed was an understatement!  Such generosity!  Judy suggests we use the money to pay the rent for 2016!  So thoughtful.  The money will definitely be put to very good use, Judy, have no fear! 
And again, many, many thanks!