Friday, 25 November 2016

No photos

This has been a busy week forvProject Linus here in Leicestershire as a whopping 83 quilts have gone off to comfort needy children! Bathe only snag is that I forgot to take photos.  All I can show you is the spare bed where the quilts are stored looking completely empty! 

That's my sew a row quilt on the bed, completely visible!  I was delighted to hear from Women's Aid that they would like quilts for their children in the Leicestershire refuges.  I met Lisa in Morrisons car park and she loaded her car up with 50 quilts.  I'm very pleased to give quilts to children in the refuge as not only do these children need hugs, they also need things and proof that the world isn't such a bad place.  
Then Asha came over to Lutterworth to collect quilts for vulnerable children in the Saffron Road area of Leicester.  She keeps a store of quilts, and asked for 'the same number as we had last time'.  I couldn't remember how many that was, but apparently it was 60!  I had to disappoint as I only had 30 left!  Luckily I managed to rustle up a few more (Maria can always be relied on to have one or more tucked away!) and so Asha took 33.  It's not a problem, as she can be first on the list in the new year.  So, that makes 289 quilts donated this year, so far!  Come on ladies, let's see if we can make it up to 300!  We'll certainly try!