Sunday, 25 November 2012


I was invited back to 'Quilting Together' the very creative group in Shepshed, and they didn't disappoint.  Apart from lovely ladies, fresh cream cake and talk about sex (well, testicles counts as sex, don't they?!) there were 46 quilts for me to take away with me!  And these weren't just ordinary quilts, but really gorgeous, imaginatively designed ones.
I always take orphans, panels and fabric, and the ladies have great fun sorting through it and getting inspired!

Here are the quilts waiting for me to take away with me.

I haven't posted all the quilts, just a random sample.  (I've found I've used up my allotted amount of photos on Blogger, so have had to delete some.)  This is a particular favourite - you can't beat a string quilt!

'Just' squares, but so effective.

The perennial problem with donated blocks is that there are never enough!  This design solves that problem admirably, by alternating the transport blocks with cowboy fabric, and then adding a different border top and bottom.  Clever!

The fabric for the border is really cute, and I love the way that three different colourways of the same design have been used.  Way to go!

I think this tree of life was a panel, but it's been beautifully bordered by flying geese.

Another set of just four orphans, but they look perfect amongst these colourful nine-patches.

More orphans, some mile a minute, some stars and a few squares within a square but all unified by the delicate pink sashing.  The blue binding just pulls it all together. 

This was a choppy star quilt.  Looks good with the sashing and cornerstones.

A trip round the world in a controlled colour palette, made extra special with multiple borders.

Half square triangles with a few quarter square triangles, unified by all being blue!  No sashing, no borders, no nonsense, just lovely dark blue binding.  Perfect.

Another choppy star, this time with striking sashing and offcuts used as a border.  Waste not, want not!

More excellent use of scraps.  Strippy blocks alternated with framed motifs, then with a jazzy orange sashing.  Perfect child's quilt!

This quilt started life as a panel, but the pictures have been bigged up by side pieces and then sashed to make a bright and cheerful quilt.

Another set of strippy blocks and framed motifs, this time on point.  This setting always adds loads of movement and fun to a quilt.
Friendship stars floating in a blue sky.

More scrappy blocks and motifs, this time with a bright piano keys border.  What a fabulous use of scraps!

Here's a panel, just simply quilted in curves across the design.  Perfect.

Another panel, which will be treasured by a lucky child.

I'm sorry I can't remember precisely who made which quilt (although I know Anne, Helen and Jay made quite a few of them!) and if I haven't included your quilt, don't think it wasn't gorgeous, just that I made an arbitrary selection.  I'm looking forward to seeing you all again soon, and wishing you all a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Oh my goodness!

I knew I hadn't been keeping up to date with my Linus blogging, but was shocked when I saw it was May when I last posted!  I hope nobody thought we were inactive -very far from the case!  So far this year I have received 273 quilts, which have been distributed to ADAPT, Surestart, Kettering and Leicestershire Looked After Children's Services, Leicester Paediatric Oncology, Leicester Royal Infirmary and Nottingham Paediatric Intensive Care Unit! Here is Debbie who works with Looked After Children in Leicestershire.  She wanted larger quilts if possible, as most of her children are teenagers.  I was happy to oblige!
And here is Kayleigh who works at the Leicester Paediatric Intensive care Unit.  She recently moved up here from Southampton, and she worked in the PICU there.  The first thing she said when she arrived on her first day, was, 'Where are the Linus quilts?'  In Southampton, they always put a Linus quilt ready on each bed when it was made up, and she wasted no time in looking on the Project Linus UK website and getting in contact with me.  (Strangely, I am the nearest rep to Nottingham!)

 She took 30 quilts, and then forwarded me photos of them ready for their new owners.

 In such a stressful situation, it must be comforting for parents and children to have a lovely quilt.

 Here is a cot, complete with quilt.

Without the quilt, this room would look very functional and quite scarey.  Well done, Linus Ladies!