Monday, 19 November 2012

Oh my goodness!

I knew I hadn't been keeping up to date with my Linus blogging, but was shocked when I saw it was May when I last posted!  I hope nobody thought we were inactive -very far from the case!  So far this year I have received 273 quilts, which have been distributed to ADAPT, Surestart, Kettering and Leicestershire Looked After Children's Services, Leicester Paediatric Oncology, Leicester Royal Infirmary and Nottingham Paediatric Intensive Care Unit! Here is Debbie who works with Looked After Children in Leicestershire.  She wanted larger quilts if possible, as most of her children are teenagers.  I was happy to oblige!
And here is Kayleigh who works at the Leicester Paediatric Intensive care Unit.  She recently moved up here from Southampton, and she worked in the PICU there.  The first thing she said when she arrived on her first day, was, 'Where are the Linus quilts?'  In Southampton, they always put a Linus quilt ready on each bed when it was made up, and she wasted no time in looking on the Project Linus UK website and getting in contact with me.  (Strangely, I am the nearest rep to Nottingham!)

 She took 30 quilts, and then forwarded me photos of them ready for their new owners.

 In such a stressful situation, it must be comforting for parents and children to have a lovely quilt.

 Here is a cot, complete with quilt.

Without the quilt, this room would look very functional and quite scarey.  Well done, Linus Ladies!

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Sew Create It - Jane said...

I love seeing those quilts on the hospital beds...really encouraging to see the quilts in use. Makes me want to make more! :o)