Thursday, 31 December 2015

Sums up 2015

Lots of horrible things have been happening recently, terrorism, shootings, floods, to mention just a few.  But we need to remember that these things hit the news because they are rare, and that acts of kindness and joy are so commonplace that they aren't worth reporting. 
So it is with Project Linus.  Apart from the massive donations of quilts, there are also wonderful donations of fabric.  Within the last couple of weeks have been a generous donation from Lynn of yardage and scraps. 

This bag is chock full of top quality fabrics, jelly rolls and charm squares which will make beautiful quilts.  Th├ínk you so much. 
And then I heard from Edna, who had wadding, orphans, fat quarters, yardage, scraps and other items looking for a good home.  

I could tell her that they would all be put to good use. 
Rest assured everyone, that next year will be filled with kindness and love.  Here's to 2016! 

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Final delivery of 2015

The quilts have been flying out of the house recently, such that, when Rosemary from the Diana Service for Children with Life-limiting conditions rang last week to see if she could have some, I had to ring round to see if I could round some up!  Thanks to Maria and Paula I found 13 quilts, and Paula and I went up to Meridian to deliver them. 

Here we are with a cute jelly roll quilt made by Maggie, in front of Rosemary's car.  So far this year we have had 373 quilts donated to local children in need of a hug!  We'll done to all who helped, and here's to more sewing next year!