Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sewing with the U3A

This week I was invited again (note the again!) to the Hinckley U3A Craft Group to do some patchwork.  Last year they made a beautiful pink strippy for Linus, and they were all raring to make another Linus quilt.  This time we had blue fabric and were making a differnet design.
It was a very hot day, but there were 18 ladies ready with their sewing kit. 

They sat round several tables and worked steadily.

The blocks quickly mounted up on my 'design wall'.  (It's really a fleece-backed tablecloth from a pound shop, but it does the job!)  Here's Paula (on the left) helping people to steady the wall - it was a bit precarious!

Here I am with the loads and loads of blocks which these wonderful ladies made.

This is a better view of the blocks - plenty to make a Linus quilt.  Many thanks to the talented ladies of the U3A and I've been invited back again in 2014!  Watch this space!

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Sew Create It - Jane said...

They look fab! Everyone did a great job!