Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Quilting together!

At least once a year I have the pleasure to be invited to join the ladies at 'Quilting Together' in Shepshed at their weekly meeting.  The deal is that I take boxes of fabric and orphans, they act like it's Harrods' sale and take home bags of fabric, I take away half empty boxes and then the next time I see them they have a huge pile of Linus quilts for me!  Excellent!  Oh, and they have cake, and are full of fun and great ideas.  This time Paula came with me, and shared the laughs.
Sorry the pictures are slightly blurred, but I forgot my camera so had to use my phone.  They had had a workshop on this technique for making stacks of rectangles - they look like piles of books to me.
This is a cute cot quilt.

Mile a minute (or wonky log cabin) with fabulous blue sashing and borders.

This set of blocks had been taken by Anne last year.  They had been donated by someone who had made them at a workshop, then decided she didn't like the colours.  What a great job, Anne!  I hope the donor sees the blocks and wishes she'd kept them!

 Another cot quilt in beautiful bright colours.  I love the stripes in the final border.

This is a real orphan quilt - lots of interest here!

A pretty quilt, with diagonal stripes for the border.  Very effective.

A good way to use up some animal print fabric and some panels.

Four patches on point.

Monochromatic quilts always look good, especially blue ones.

The red blocks make this quilt very striking.

A Chinese coin strippy with little appliqued pictures.  Colourful and with a sense of fun. 

Another book pile - bright and funky.

I recognise the centre of this medallion quilt.  It was an orphan from my box, and how stunning it looks in this quilt.  Orphan no more!

Scrappy log cabin - so much to look at.

Delicate fabrics in a simple yet effective design.

Some more orphans, hexagons which have been appliqued onto pastel squares.  Lovely.

Colourful and fun - you can't beat a good scrap quilt!

Another mile a minute - so much movement in these blocks!  Altogether I brought back 43 quilts - and I'll post photos of the rest soon.  Thank you so much ladies for the quilts, and for a lovely afternoon!

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