Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Quorn Country Crafts rock!

What is it about quilters?  Why are so all so lovely?  Is it something to do with the chemicals in the fabrics or is it more to do with creative genes?  Anyway, I was invited by Susan to Woodhouse to Quorn Country Crafts Quilting Group where the kindness, generosity and all-round loveliness of quilters was demonstrated yet again!  It was a lovely set up, as they had plenty of room to do whatever they liked.  Some people were hand sewing, (some lovely red work!) and others were deep in the creative process.
Katrina (below on the right) was my soul mate, as she's also famous for her scrap quilts, and is a big Bonnie Hunter fan.   Other ladies were askance at putting random fabrics together, which is as it should be - we're all different!

I took a box of Linus fabrics, guessing that it would be appreciated, and here is the evidence.  Why are other people's fabrics so much more appealing?

There was plenty of room to layer up quilts and this lady was putting together this beautiful candlewicked quilt for her daughter's impending marriage.  Lucky daughter!

The reason I was invited was to accept a huge pile of quilts which had been made by this group and customers and friends of Quorn Country Crafts in Loughborough.  And here is the group with all the quilts.  Susan is the one in the middle with the big smile, holding up a quilt.  She was the one who invited me.  Thank you so much.
 There are over 80 quilts here (I haven't had chance to count them exactly) and all of a high standard with top quality fabrics.  They have also been careful to make sure there are plenty of quilts which will appeal to boys.  What a wonderful group.  Thank you so much ladies both in the photo and not present for your generosity and fabulous welcome.  I look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

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