Friday, 29 August 2014

Quilts out the door

It's been a bit slow over the summer - our recent hot weather wasn't too conducive to quilting - but there has still been demand for hugs in the form of quilts.  Sue came over from ADAPT and took
away 65 quilts!  She didn't need a lorry to transport them, as lots of them were little prem quilts, and the rest were cot quilts.  Here is one picked out at random.  Pretty.
Then I had a plea from the East Midlands branch of Regional Foster Placements.  They said :
   Our Worcester and Plymouth offices provide each child going into a new placement with a welcome box which include a Linus quilt and we want to replicate this lovely idea in our regions.     Do you have any quilts available – I would only need half a dozen or so in the first instance.
I was able to reply to Sharon and tell her that I had quilts available, and Helenka came and collected 25 from me.  Well, I had to make it worthwhile for her to make the journey!
She was particularly taken with this lovely panel which has been expertly quilted by Paula.  We admired some of the quilts, and Helenka already had ideas of children who would love them!  Perfect!  

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