Monday, 27 March 2017

Adventures in the LRI

Today my husband and I went up to the LRI to take some quilts to Ward 10.  Pip, the housekeeper there, had rung me to ask if there was any possibility of getting some quilts.  After my visit to Shepshed, I was looking forward to more quilt requests!  

Pip said they had storage and could take up to 100 quilts!  Here are 75 quilts in the most rickety and recalcitrant trolley the LRI has in its keeping!  This one definitely had a mind of its own, but luckily Richard managed to keep it on track! 

And here we are with the quilts.  Pip is on the left with the houses quilts, and two other nurses chose quilts they liked too.  Pip said,' You should see the parents' faces when we bring the quilts out!  They are amazed and delighted.'  Just another reminder of how these quilts aren't just snuggly blankets but important markers of caring and love. 

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