Friday, 14 July 2017

Afternoon in BArleston

On Wednesday Paula and I set off to some sewing with a U3A Craft Group in BArleston.  Due to pure stupidity (on my part!) we took a wrong turning and we were about 10 minutes late arriving.  I was so sorry to do that to the ladies: I know from experience how stressful it is waiting for a speaker to turn up, and trying to think what on earth you'll do if they don't make it!  Anyway, we got there and hit the ground running, quickly getting the Group sewing. 

We were making jars, and the ladies loved using fabric with fruits, buttons, shells and goodness knows what else on them.  Here they are at the beginning of the session, and you can see the empty design wall at the back of the room. 

They all worked very hard, and quickly the jars lined up. 

Here is the final array.  Plenty to make a Linus quilt in less than 2 hours!  Thank you so much ladies for your welcome and your hard work!  Now to put them together!  

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