Monday, 26 January 2015

A visit to Shepshed

We were well overdue for a visit to our friends at 'Quilting Together' in Shepshed, as we usually manage to see them before Christmas, but no worries, we finally made it.  As usual I took fabrics and orphans. 

As usual, they wasted no time in having a good rummage!  What is it about other people's fabric choices which make them so appealing?  I'm always happy to see the donated fabric being used, and these ladies are so creative, and use it all to good advantage.  
There were several piles of quilts on the table, and here are just some of them. 

Something straightforward made from squares and half square triangles. 

Pinwheels with a difference - don't the circles add an extra pizzazz!

Sashed mile a minute, fabulous.

Crazy mile a minute!  I love the Orange sashing.

Different coloured boats sailing on a very calm ocean.  Which do you like best?

Great use of variously sized orphans.  The frames make the blocks knit up uniformly big.

A stunning quilt made from four patches sashed and bordered.  Gorgeous!

Clever use of feature fabric which apparently was taken from one of the boxes last time I visited!  It all gets used! 

Excellent use of a fairly small piece of racing car fabric.  So clever. 

Intriguing pattern, suitable for an older child.  Altogether there were 41 beautiful quilts.  How good is that!  We also had a sneak preview of a group quilt they are making to enter at Malvern and Utoxeter.  It's crazy pieced hexagons, which are each a little mini quilt.  They will be sewn together with half hexagons along the sides to square it off.

And last but not least, we admired a variation of Bonnie Hunter's 'Grand Illusion'. 

The maker felt it was too busy when the required four patch was placed in the centre, so substituted a pink square.  Very clever.  I can't wait to see the result, and hope it will be complete next time we visit.  (I haven't mentioned the cake - courgette, yum! - or the fact that I was the one mention sex when I told about dropping my drawers in the school car park!  Luckily they were panto costume drawers, and not my own!)

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Sew Create It - Jane said...

I absolutely love the boats! So cute and perfect for a child!