Monday, 12 September 2016

Back on track.

This year has been a sad one for me, as my Mum died in May.  So while Linus business has continued as usual, it has done so at a slower pace, and I haven't managed to put information on the blog.  Then there was the summer, which isn't really a very good time for delivering quilts, and here we are in September. 
 Back in June my husband and I went over to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Leicester Royal Hospital to deliver some quilts. 

Here they, all 30 waiting to give some hugs. 

And here is the handover.  The nurses there were very happy to have some Linus quilts, as they say they feel they are the Cinderella of the Children's Hospital, as all the wards get lots of support, but they rarely do.  I was delighted that we had bucked that trend! 

In July Paula and I went over to Market Harborough to take some quilts over to Surestart there. As usual, the staff were very impressed at the quality of the work. 

In August I got in touch with a local young carers group.  These are young people who look after parents or other relatives.  A very selfless bunch.  Beverley came over and collected the quilts, and we grabbed my neighbour, who was passing by, to take a picture. 

Then today I met Rosemary, who works for the Diana Service for Children with Life-limiting conditions, and handed over 12 quilts.  Rosemary was in between work appointments, so our meetings are always brief but useful.  
Over the summer I have also had a few visitors bringing me quilts.  I always like a cuppa and a quilts chat!  Here's to more seeing in the cooler weather ahead! 

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Anonymous said...

Ten years ago my son was in the children's intensive care unit at Leicester Royal Infirmary and there were patchwork quilts on the beds there. I can't tell you what a difference they made, just something cheerful and homely so lovely to see you still taking quilts there.